Sonora Sunrise Stone Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant, Sonora Sunrise Stone Jewelry, Sonora Sunrise Wire Wrapped Pendant


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Sonora Sunrise Gemstone wire wrapped in Sterling Silver. One of a kind piece. Sonora Sunrise, a holder of the energies of the two stone, i.e., Chryosolla, Cuprite, encourage to explore the highest hidden knowledge of the inner self.

Sonora Sunrise tends to hold the soothing effect on the physical torso and due to the presence of copper in it helps to elevate pain and muscle cramps. It effectively heals the issues related to thymus, heart as well as imbalanced metabolic rate. Sonora Sunset helps with grounding stone, and equilibrium and acts as an anchor. It also helps the soul to stay in the present by forgetting the distressing past. It too helps to restore lost vivacity, infusing one with motivation as well as kindles creativity.

Sonora Sunrise triggers the intuitive qualities as well as a root out the off-putting emotions. The blue and reddish shades of the Sonora Sunrise stone activate the throat chakra along with the base and sacral chakra. The energies of Chryosolla and Cuprite control the flow of energy in the overall torso and help to align the free energy of the torso to the central gravity of the spirit.

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