Tourmaline Heady Wire Wrapped Pendant, Crystal Point Heady Wrapped Pendant, Ruby Heady Pendant, Chakra Heady Wrap Pendant


Group of Small Heady Pendants with natural gemstones or crystals in Copper and or Silver & Copper.
#1: Green Tourmaline Crystal in Copper $150
#2 Blue Tourmaline and Chrome Diopside in Copper and Silver. $185
#3: Flat Top Ruby Cabochon in Copper $85
#4: Naturally Double Terminated Quartz Crystal with black tourmaline crystal and amethyst bead wrapped in copper $48
#5: Reiki Chakra Healing Tool wrapped in copper $ 48

** Number in dropdown menu relates to the number of the item in the photo NOT The number of the items that is available there is only ONE of each of these designs.

Custom designs are available.

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