Intuitive, Photo and Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Reading, Tarot Card Reading, Intuitive Reading, Photo Reading, Divination


1-3 card spread | 30 minutes | $45.00

This reading starts with a photo you submit of yourself. I will read the photo intuitively and energetically, then pull some cards typically 1-3 typically cards if they are needed. I am looking at your energy, aura, chakra influence and tuning in intuitively to what I receive from my higher self and guides as well as yours and then, of course, the tarot cards. * You do not need to submit the photo at the time of purchase.

All readings are available via phone, skype, Zoom (live online), email or Facebook Messenger.

Once you purchase a reading we will send you a link to an online form to fill out with your question and requested time as well as a mode of communication (phone, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, email.) that you prefer. I will get back to you and we will schedule your reading. Our Response time is generally VERY quick, however, we reserve up to 24 hrs turn around time after your purchase.

** Disclaimer: All readings are for entertainment purposes only and are in no way meant to replace professional assistance.

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